Join the battle today and Earn Free Bitcoins!

Fight different monsters, level up, purchase items make yourself stronger, hire mercenaries to increase your power and claim multiple rewards

Join different raids and claim big rewards

Multiple Payment Options

Direct payments to your BTC or DOGE wallet and more coming soon!

Multiple ways to earn

Earn from faucet, offerwalls, challenges, achievements , raids , bonuses and much more!

Chat and Community Profile

Join the chat, share your profile , stats and discuss the best stategy

Friendly layout

Easy to navigate layout, instant loading speeds.

Items to boost

Multiple items to boost your character and keep fighting the raids

Passive Income

Bog cheeky bugger blow off only a quid grub he legged it porkies tosser young delinquent argy-bargy.

Hire Mercenaries increase your Power and generate Passive Income

Generate extra income and increase your Character damage with mercenaries, hire them for different time periods and generate extra tokens every hour and increase your damage vs Raids